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Design first, develop afterwards

Jumping straight ahead to our IDE in order to shoot some code might feel creative but isn’t that effective. When building web applications that solve actual and not imaginary problems we need to think as a user first and define all the paths and flows we should follow to fulfill our goal.

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Engineering means adapting

Engineers should not be afraid of change. Actually they should learn how to embrace it by sharpening their skillset constantly. This involves also the soft skills apart from the hard ones.

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Dear engineers, this is a marathon and not a sprint so take care

In this blog post we are going to discuss about the little things that play a vital role in engineers success and have nothing to do with actual coding.

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Don't be mistaken, your contributions graph doesn't tell the full story

Many developers share proudly their contributions graph throughout social networks or CVs to demonstrate how hard they have been working which is amazing and speak volumes for their work-ethic. The thing is that this does not tell us actually the full story.

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Relax, not being a senior engineer is totally fine

We live in the seniors era. Suddenly everyone should be a senior so others can take him seriously. This is totally wrong for so many reasons

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