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Successful Selling Requires The Same High Energy That Our Kids Possess

While the high energy of our children can often be challenging as parents, it provides valuable lessons in resilience, persistence, and enthusiasm

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An image is worth 1000 words and a demo is worth 1000 images

While images are a powerful tool in business development and sales, offering a succinct and memorable way to communicate a product's value, demos take the sales process a step further

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The primary condition to run a company

Being realistic and pragmatic is very important to build a sustainable firm and this is a key difference between dreamers and achievers

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Entrepreneur, the risk bearer

Entrepreneurs must be comfortable taking risks and accepting the potential consequences that come with them. So why should I become entrepreneur in the first place?

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If Everyone Agrees with you, It's Too Obvious; If It's Too Obvious, It's Too Late

By fostering a culture of innovation and encouraging open dialogue, businesses and individuals alike can stay ahead of the curve and seize opportunities that others may have missed

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The real hunt is out there

As an entrepreneur, getting too comfortable in your office is a huge trap you should avoid falling into

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Can people actually handle transparency regarding their colleagues' compensation?

In general, people seem to have a hard time handling 100% transparency regarding money discussions but this can be improved, provided the right context and supportive environment are in place

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The Corporate Evolution: Softer or Smarter?

Have companies become softer or smarter after the pandemic? The answer is both

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Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurs are changing the way we think about business and its potential to create positive change by prioritizing impact over profit

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Keeping our word

Our word can mean either a lot or nothing at all. It defines how seriously others can take us and how much they can rely on us so we can build together a strong personal or a professional relationship

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