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Rational negotiators are doomed to fail

At some point in our adult life we started believing that if we bring a ton of rational arguments to the table then the other side will sympathize with us. The "rational arguments" strategy couldn't be more wrong

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Your worst customers are your best teachers

No-one wants a bad customer but the reality is there are tons of them out there and that's a fact. The thing is how we can benefit from such toxic relationships, what can we learn from them and how can we use them to achieve our own goals eventually

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Run the experiment

Experiments help us try new things, master new skills, shape ourselves and grow eventually

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Don't let coaching turn into babysitting

Managers should give the appropriate room for people to grow, so they can learn from their own mistakes in an empirical way

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Startups thrive so does depression rates

Tech world runs with the speed of light at the moment, on the flip side depression rates are skyrocketing

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