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AI overdose

Young tech enthusiasts need proper guidance to turn AI's challenges into opportunities and conquer FOMO with confidence.

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The hiring paradox

Hiring doesn't end after the final offer is sent. It's a continuous process that requires constant attention and evaluation.

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Increased Productivity

We all look for ways to improve our productivity, eventually shipping more value, getting more things done, and increasing our impact. Earning more is rarely mentioned out of courtesy.

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The debt collector

A leader's success gets measured in the number of leaders - not followers - created.

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Choosing Your Focus: Be a Bee, Not a Fly

In the same field, under identical conditions, the bee and the fly choose markedly different paths, illustrating a profound life lesson on the power of focus and intentional decision-making.

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The king and the farmer

What gives us the strength to move forward and be better every single day throughout our life? How can we manage to be kind and fair, well-mannered and open, active and stoic, effective and patient?

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Uncomplicating Strategy in Tech

In a tech firm that moves at a breakneck, almost supersonic speed, having a clear, concise strategy isn’t just nice to have – it's essential

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Disrupting Apathy

In the era of "I couldn’t care less", we can be the ones who actually do care, surround ourselves with people who share similar values, and build eventually a team that can make a huge difference.

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Who Motivates the Motivators?

With every new startup, coding breakthrough, or cutting-edge design, there's someone inspiring those behind the creation. These unsung heroes are the motivators

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The power of disagreeing: Harnessing Constructive Conflict

In a world that increasingly values collaboration and teamwork, the ability to disagree might seem counterproductive. However, when channeled correctly, disagreement can be a potent tool for driving progress

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