The debt collector

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The debt collector

It is amazing to see people we helped and supported so they can make their baby steps in the tech field, move on, and open their wings by taking the next step in their careers "away" from us.

Often, this involves switching to a very specific niche, which is great because it means that these people were given the opportunity to experiment and try different things and, in the end, find what gives them true joy and happiness in their profession.

What happens, though, if they target a niche irrelevant to the opportunities provided by their mentors? Should they stay close to them forever to show their gratitude and commitment?

Of course not, and this is exactly the beauty of true leadership!!!

Many people get mistaken or even hold a grudge because they take for granted that they own such people in a "sick" way or that such people owe them their professional success. I invested in you, so you owe me. What?

Every professional relationship is a win-win situation for both sides; if not, it is not a healthy relationship in the first place. I cannot believe that an entrepreneur is stupid enough to invest in some people for a payoff, let's say in 10 or 20 years from now, right?

If this is the case, then better go find a smarter and less manipulative mentor. We are not in middle age; no one owns you.

Successful leaders help people open their wings away from them; otherwise, they should be called debt collectors, not leaders!

A leader's success gets measured in the number of leaders - not followers - created. Cheers!!

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