About me

Are you sure you want to read this?

If not, I won't blame you..

So I am Marios!! My friends and colleagues call me fakiolinho. If you wonder about its origin, it is because of my addiction with sports and football in particular ❤️.

I have been writing code, feeding the web monster, for the last 17+ years creating fancy stuff here and there.

Early Days

I started with backend technologies like PHP and then Rails and finally I landed in the frontend world. This happened before the big bang of frontend, back in the BackboneJS era so I was fortunate enough to gain professional experience with technologies like nodeJS, BackboneJS, AngularJS, EmberJS, PolymerJS, ReactJS, GatsbyJS, NextJS, VueJS, NuxtJS and recently Svelte and Sapper.

You know what? I appreciate all of them since they taught me a ton of stuff. Above all, I learnt to think some more about the end-users in order to find solutions and fulfill their needs. This is what the web is all about, right?

So this is who I am, an engineer who loves the web and wants to build useful applications that solve real and not imaginary problems by making the life of the end-user better!!

Before Engineering

Before all this I was an officer in the Greek Navy. This was a huge career switch for me. If you ask why I did so, I have to admit that I fell in love with the potential and the creativity that surrounds engineering. It may sound quite naive but this is the actual reason.

Back then, I couldn't imagine that people can create real business value out of a couple thousand lines. This is why I remind often to developers that they should take pride of their job and not getting lost inside long backlogs and lists of tasks.

Management is in my veins

As you get, I have huge managerial experience and definitely proven one. That is why for me, people and the teams always come first in comparison with the technologies. Technologies are the tools so we should learn how to tame them while people with their passion and their confidence and teams with their collaboration give life and real meaning to ideas 😉

Back to the present

Recently I started a new journey by launching my own software house named Hello World PC sailing to the land of entrepreneurship.

If this sounds interesting, I 'd love to discuss some more about your high goals and vision. Fresh ideas are always highly welcomed 🤗

My beloved family

All these wouldn't be possible without the love and the huge support of my family and my 3 girls. Probably 4 if I count our dog 🐶


I hope you are going to enjoy the material. Expect content about leadership, management, modern technologies, remote working and collaboration.

Please feel free to share your comments and feedback. Thanks for reading this 🎖