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At last, React forms management became a no-brainer

Build, validate and scale React forms easily by using Formik and Yup combination

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Install multiple major versions of a node module with npm

Having multiple major versions of a package in a project might sound a little tricky but it is definitely doable.

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React 17 is our stepping stone

React 17 is getting closer without actually adding any fancy new features. Its purpose is to make gradual upgrades possible by letting us use multiple React versions in one application.

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RecoilJS is meant to rock your React world

RecoilJS is an experimental state management library for React that works and thinks like it. It aims to solve common issues like state interdependencies among related components, unwanted re-renderings across complex components trees, cross-app observations and many more.

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Become a better godfather for your React components

Many React engineers are really uninterested or even sloppy when it comes about naming their components. This might be totally fine at first, but it can turn out to be an awful strategy as the application's codebase gets bigger.

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My React components render twice and drive me crazy

Many frontend developers who use modern React, wonder why their components render twice during development but this is actually happening for a good reason.

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What the heck is React Fast Refresh

React Fast Refresh is the successor of React Hot Loader. It was initially released for React Native and soon it will be included in Create React App as an experimental feature.

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Use useRef hook to store values you want to keep an eye on

The most common use of refs in React is to create references to DOM elements and run imperative logic when needed. Force elements to become focused, scroll up and stuff like that. React hooks take all these a step further so we can use refs to store values we need to watch.

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