Zip it and pay attention

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Ernest Hemingway said "it takes 2 years to learn to speak and 60 to learn to keep quiet" and this couldn’t be more accurate in our times, the era of big egos.

Careful and active listening shows respect, interest, great manners, professionalism, strong will, experience, communication charisma, devotion, patience, openness, and personal care.

What are the opposites? People who keep interrupting or even not following others show disrespect, lack of interest and experience, unprofessionalism, sloppiness, bad manners, pure communication and collaboration skills, huge ego, and so on.

Which of these two types seems a "difficult to work with" person? Who is not fun to be around? Who feels annoying? With whom you would avoid hanging out or even make business? Don’t be that person.

Treat people with the respect they deserve and listen to them. Pay attention to their will and their concerns. Things we ignore or haven’t thought of might come up. Cheers!!

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