Work for a dream not for a firm

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Working for a bigger cause that makes us smile when getting up from bed on a daily basis is an amazing feeling.

Purpose and high goals can become an amazing alarm clock in the morning for those who are motivated and focused on their target.

If you don't belong in this group then probably it is about time to make some changes for your own good. Life is extremely short after all so better don't waste your time, your efforts, your energy and your emotions. It is as simple as that.

People who manage teams of people should have the inner willing and tendency to provide such a supportive and motivating working environment for their subordinates. If they don't, guess what.

Lousy leaders are doomed to stay alone.

You want to give a managerial role to a person? Promote a person who cares. Promote a person who is a giver. Promote the one who uses the we way more than the I.

This is a good metric to find out whether a person is meant to be occupied as a leader of a team, a project, a product or even a whole department.

Being a leader means being a facilitator.

Leaders work for their teams and not the other way around.

Leaders never point the finger or have to remind you about your duties or whatever. Why? Because they stand next to you in the front line taking hits for you.

A working environment that doesn't teach you to become such a leader for others, that doesn't push you to become a better version of yourself and at the end of the day doesn't help you to accomplish your personal goals and dreams is not the ideal one.

If you are looking for the ideal environment look for the organization's culture.

Culture never lies!! Cheers!!

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