Successful selling requires the same high energy that our kids possess

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Successful selling requires the same high energy that our kids possess

In any household with children, parents are often reminded of the intense energy levels that kids possess. This energy is not just physical, but also mental and emotional, which they constantly deploy to assert their views, negotiate for their desires, and often win arguments against their parents. As challenging as it may seem, there's something incredible about the resilience and determination of a child when they want something. This same high energy is, in fact, a crucial ingredient in the realm of selling. A good salesperson exhibits the same relentless energy and enthusiasm that we see in children, fueling their success in the marketplace.

# Don't take "no" for an answer

The high energy children possess helps them to continually engage in a conversation until they get what they want. They are persistent, almost relentless in their pursuit, refusing to take a simple "no" for an answer. They come back with different approaches, alternatives, and even emotional appeals, negotiating their way around obstacles. Similarly, in sales, having a high energy level keeps a salesperson tenacious and persistent. It keeps them going through numerous meetings, calls, and negotiations, even in the face of rejection. This relentless approach, much like our kids', often leads to successful sales conversions.

# Excitement and Curiosity

Another way the energy of children translates into successful sales is their genuine enthusiasm and curiosity about everything around them. When a child wants something, they talk about it passionately, asking numerous questions, expressing excitement, and conveying their genuine interest. In sales, this same energy translates into a genuine enthusiasm for the product or service being sold. It sparks curiosity to know the customer, their needs, and how the product can meet these needs. This energy-infused enthusiasm can often be infectious, drawing customers into the salesperson's excitement and making the product or service being sold more attractive.

# Raw Honesty

Finally, a child's energy is pure and often infectious. Their laughter, their joy, and their raw honesty have a way of touching our hearts and influencing our decisions, no matter how strong-willed we are. This is an underappreciated art that successful salespeople harness well. The energy they bring to their interactions is authentic and powerful enough to move the customer emotionally, fostering a connection that extends beyond the product. It builds trust and rapport, strengthening relationships that yield loyalty and repeat business.

# Conclusion

In conclusion, while the high energy of our children can often be challenging as parents, it provides valuable lessons in resilience, persistence, and enthusiasm. By adopting the same high energy, salespeople can enhance their effectiveness, drive sales, and create lasting relationships with their customers. Cheers!!

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