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Transparency is all about telling the truth to your kid, your spouse, and your friend, and on the other hand, is all about expecting nothing but the truth from them.

The same goes for managers, partners, employees, and all kinds of relationships. Transparency is two-way communication between 2 parties that treat each other with respect and want to build above all a strong relationship.

# Let's do this together

I respect you, and I trust you, so I want you to listen to my side of the story, and then I want you to tell me yours or vice versa.

Do you have a problem? I really want to hear about it, so I help you to get through it.

Our company signed a big client? I am the CEO and I want to let everyone know about this deal, so they have in mind that they are part of this success, and realize that we all grow together.

Do you have a personal goal? Awesome!! I am your manager, and I want to support you, so you make it happen. This is a huge part of my role after all.

Does our team have a big milestone ahead? As a team leader I believe in our people's abilities and deep inside I know that we will make it happen no matter what.

Together we can make great things happen if we trust each other.

# Telling the truth

Transparency is all about being honest and trustworthy. How can we accomplish this? By doing only 1 significant thing which is telling the truth.

How hard can it be? Sounds easy. Well, it isn't. Telling the truth and being real scares people. No one wants to be judged. No one wants to be criticized. No one wants to sound mean, lazy, arrogant, or greedy.

Telling the truth means I am open to sharing my inner thoughts and listening to other people's opinions. I am open to talking about them. I want to be trusted. I want others to rely on me. I want others to know me better. I want to improve. I want to be trustworthy. I want to be a better human being. I want to have real friends. I want to have people standing by my side. I want to be equal in my relationships, and I act like this.

# Why should I care?

You might think, why should I care? This is not my problem. Who cares? I have my own problems to solve and my own goals to accomplish so why should I listen or even trust other people?

I get it. Probably somebody hurt you in the past, and you got bitter. Trying to be like them doesn't make things better for you nor bring you closer to your high goals. On the contrary, this is poison for your relationships.

You deserve better and you can definitely do better. Please think about it.

# Can you really take it?

Here comes the tricky part. It is nice and a blessing to get respect from the other side and be able to trust them, but are you ready to do the same?

Do you really want this? Do you really want others to trust you too? Do you really want them to ask for your help and support, or it is just convenient that the other side does it for you?

Do you have the guts to take the responsibility and step up? Can you go the extra mile and be better? A better spouse, partner, friend, colleague? A better person?

If you do this then I can promise you that amazing things will come your way and your relationships will become solid ones based on trust and respect.

Break that wall that is holding you back, and realize that transparency is a two-way communication that both parties should benefit from.


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