The king and the farmer

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The king and the farmer

I haven't written a blog post for a while but today is my birthday so I have to do so in a way. I am 41 years old and counting and I am more than grateful for this amazing journey so far. This is the reason why I wanted to share a story with you.

# The story

Once upon a time, there was a king who was known for his fairness, his great manners, his openness, and his unselfishness. His people were happy and their only wish was that their king would live for many years since there was a quite important and positive impact in their lives. Their king was actually interested in their prosperity and people cared for his well-being too.

One day a farmer asked to meet the king in person. The king was open to such requests so some arrangements took place and eventually, the farmer's wish came true.

The farmer stood before his king and said: "My dear king, I have a question I seek the answer. How do you manage to be the king you are? How do you manage to be kind and fair, well-mannered and open, active and stoic, effective and patient?"

The king laughed and replied: "My dear friend, please check this ring I wear and you will find the answer."

The farmer took the king's ring and read inside:


# Conclusion

This is my gift to you given the opportunity today, life is a roller coaster. Sometimes it can be fun and sweet and others it gets scary and bitter. What makes us unique is who we are and the way we treat people and deal with things while moving toward our destiny and our high goals.

While moving up, we need to be kind and fair to people around us because we will probably come across some of them while going down. Our life is full of ups and downs but this is the gist of it since "ALL THESE WILL PASS TOO".

Have fun and be real. Thank you for the amazing support ๐Ÿ™

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