Startups thrive so does depression rates

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Tech world runs with the speed of light at the moment but on the flip side depression rates are skyrocketing. Mental fatigue and loneliness is everywhere and we cannot ignore it.

# The digital transformation era

Covid-19 has played a significant role in all this technology big bang since a bunch of business sectors realized they have to embrace new technologies to reach new markets while an increasing number of organizations decided to invest and make a bold step towards digital transformation to improve and modernize their services.

With all these opportunities, money seems to flow, right? We are in a golden tech era. God saves technology!!

# Career success doesn't necessarily mean less loneliness

Unfortunately though, various researches prove that people struggle hugely because of reduced mobility and increased loneliness during the last 3 years. Tech people included. These findings were associated with increased rates of major depressive disorder and stress.

More money in the bank account or more opportunities on LinkedIn don't necessarily mean better quality of life and actual work-life balance nowadays.

Career success cannot heal all wounds and that's a fact.

# Constant change scares people

It worths to be mentioned also that a fast-paced ecosystem with constant changes, new goals, bigger clients, higher rates, new releases, tighter deadlines and so on is something that scares people. And this is normal.

Leaders who show the way and push organizations limits might feel excited about new opportunities ahead but the teams that will deliver the actual work down the road, might feel overwhelmed instead.

Most people tend to feel lost when things move rapidly, so they try to find their own way through the evolution storm. Change is scary.

Feeling stressed and anxious, when business goes well, is a sign of weakness and vulnerability in our society. People tend to hide these feelings and swallow their pride, so they don't get thrown out of the bus. Pretending leads to loneliness though.

# Conclusion

That said, the current situation in tech world is that tech businesses and startups are thriving and technology people are struggling to get through on a personal level.

All this is something the leaders of the tech world should not ignore because the most important asset of an organization is its people after all and these people keep on having a rather hard time for some time now.

This is something we cannot overlook and should not confuse with compensations, benefits and promotions.

Deep inside we are all human beings and some needs we have cannot be covered by our careers success.

Let's help our people by giving them the attention they deserve.

Let's all fight loneliness together. Cheers!!

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