Silent resignation

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So after the Great Resignation it seems there is another phenomenon in the workplace that gains traction, the so-called "Silent Resignation".

We are talking about people who didn't resign during the pandemic. They remained loyal but they decided to slow down big time.

Most of them want to keep their role, their compensation, and their benefits, as long as they have to work within a 9 to 5 time frame. They will continue to do their best but not use overtime to do so.

Others took it a step further and decided to do the bare minimum just to avoid getting fired since they don't want to hustle anymore.

As we get, people want to set boundaries while assessing their priorities.

Organizations get frustrated by this attitude but on the other hand, this is such a great opportunity to step up their game in terms of management and leadership.

They are forced to look into the mirror, apply bold changes, make better hirings, establish performance review processes and redefine their culture in terms of coaching, mentoring, and career development of their people. Cheers!!

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