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No matter if you possess a C-level role in an enterprise organization, or you just started your career in a small startup as an intern, you can benefit hugely from experimenting.

The moment you realize that it is totally fine to fail N times as long as you find the way to succeed just once and then take it from there, is the moment you realize how the game is played.

This is the moment you make peace with failure which is extremely liberating as a mindset.

Experimenting can play a vital role into teaching us this great truth.

# Experimenting

So what kind of experiments can we run? As you get sky is the limit here.

We could play with a new technology or even try to change our morning routine to improve our productivity.

We could try a new hobby or a new sport, so we get in shape and improve our self-esteem.

We can study a new way of managing projects and teams with a new client of ours, to experiment with Agile and Extreme Programming.

We can write a blog post, submit a talk to a meetup, or even work from a different café once a week to get some inspiration and meet new people that way.

We can delegate tasks by giving responsibilities to a partner we trust and see how it goes.

We can start a new side-project that might end up being our main source of income eventually.

This might seem small at first and become something really big if we keep on pushing things forward.

# Shaping ourselves

Experimenting can help us mature and get out of our comfort zone by doing many small steps while re-adjusting all way long.

No matter what we build, we shape ourselves first and this is the most important thing above all.

After all, doing nothing is way worse than trying new things and striving to improve.


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