Relationships and loans

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It is common to treat relationships of any kind like bank loans. I helped you back then so now you owe me. I hired you in this firm so now owe me. I brought you that customer so now you owe me. You met that person because of me so guess what, you owe me.

This is not a healthy way to keep people close and establish meaningful and strong relationships with them. Doing a good thing and then having in mind that the opposite side owes something to us, is a dead-end.

Instead, If we treat a relationship like a bank account where 2 people make deposits often then this way of keeping a relationship alive is way healthier and stronger.

Meaningful relationships are built into many small steps, are tested frequently, and get stronger throughout this process.

The same goes for professional relationships. After all, these are human relationships too so the same principles apply.

You cannot go out and drink a beer with a friend, a colleague or a partner when your common bank account is empty, right? Keep on making those deposits every now and then if you really want to go and have this beer with them. Cheers!!

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