Pointing the finger

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The other day I was attending a TEDx event and one speech was all about employees and their commitment in the post Covid era.

The speaker was representing a big enterprise. At some point, he said that employees nowadays are so little interested that they don’t know their bosses' names. They simply go home and shut down their computer at 18:00. In the end, he concluded that they have difficulties into finding talented people. I bet you saw that coming, right? 😬

It feels extremely weird to go public and blame your own people that way. What are you doing as an organization to make them feel committed? Isn't this your main duty as a leader?

Do your people feel they are part of something big? Is there an actual cause for them? Do you try to motivate them every single day? Do you invest in your firm's cultural growth? Is there an onboarding period during which they learn how things work? Are there any handbooks that describe the whats, the hows, and the whys?

Do these people have regular 1-1s with their line managers? Your so-called bosses - awful word selection by the way - are hidden in their offices all day long? How often do they work side by side with their teams? Are these people reachable at all?

Pointing the finger is the easiest thing to do in this world and the less effective one. Let’s be honest by looking into the mirror first. Cheers!!

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