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At last, I put my sh*t together and managed to launch the "Tech Leadership Podcast".

This was a goal of mine for some time since I know deep inside I have a bunch of things I would like to share and help others out there because of my long managerial experience over the years even before my tech journey started.

In this podcast we will try to sail in the ocean of the technology using the leadership boat.

After all, lots of stuff take place in the tech world and most of the times we find ourselves running like a headless chicken, trying to catch up and save the day.

A better and healthier human being is a better and more effective Senior Engineer, Product Owner, Tech Lead, Scrum Master or even CEO so we need to find ways to motivate people and help them to fulfill their inner cause.

I highly believe that there is huge room for improvement in the managerial way of doing things since large organizations and successful startups tend to put experienced tech people to lead teams and help others to grow and this is most of the times an experiment that will fail sooner or later since it is actually unfair for both sides.

Being an exceptional engineer or a sufficient Scrum Master doesn't automatically imply that we are exceptional people managers with great communication skills and leadership talents.

These two are sooo irrelevent and the tech world somehow keeps ignoring this.

That said, in this podcast we will try to address all these and help tech people get a different perspective about leadership and people develoment.

For sure, technology is a team sport, so we need to learn how we can help others develop their talents and grow eventually while trying to create something really useful that gives them inner joy and make them feel they have a purpose in their daily lives.

For the first season all episodes will be in Greek since this is my native language so it will make things easier for me to get started.

Expect a new episode every week on weekends to drink your sunday coffee relaxing and listening to some tech leadership stuff.

Thanks for your great support. Cheers!!

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