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Living with no personal cause or high aspirations is a path some people choose to follow and this is perfectly fine if they are ok with it.

Such people try to avoid having duties or responsibilities like hell. They want to live their life without having to deal with stressful situations or lift more weight than their shoulders can take.

Why? Because all these will force them to step out of their comfort zone and even thinking about this for a moment makes them sick. Change is scary. They hate it.

Is this wrong? If this works for them, then why do we bother?

# They need our help

Hmm, no. We need to fix them. We need to coach them. They need a cause. They need a beacon to follow. We should mentor them. We need to push them, so they can follow our competitive spirit. They need our help.

No they don't ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

# We are different

Why don't we realize that we all are different human beings with different skills, experiences, passions, weaknesses, personalities, wills and goals?

We need to respect that uniqueness no matter what.

We need to understand that some people simply don't want to launch their own side-project, create a startup, become a C-level executive, take the responsibilities of a team lead or even go to Mars.

They couldn't care less about these but this is the way they have chosen to live their lives so this is something everyone should respect.

# Leaders duties

That said, it is the leader's responsibility to grasp this and avoid making a person feeling miserable simply because it has a different approach towards life.

Now, if the organization is looking for people with a personal cause and high aspirations, then probably this is a mismatch.

Again, it is a leader's duty to spot such mismatches while searching for people who match the team's culture.

# Conclusion

We live in an era during which competitiveness, bold statements, crazy ambitions and high goals are promoted especially in tech world, but we need to realize that these are not meant for everyone and this is perfectly fine.


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