Our team is our actual boss

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Hiring in technology is mostly hard-skill oriented because it is actually easier to check engineers' experience in ReactJS for example compared with their kindness or their trustworthiness.

# Can we really trust you?

Are you a passionate individual? Do you care for the quality and the result of your work? Are you doing the minimum possible just to survive? Can we rely on you?

Can you lift the team on your shoulders when needed? Can you be kind and gentle to your peers day in and day out? Can you be there for them once they ask for your help? Can you be fun and "easy to work with" whenever they come across you?

# The unfortunate leap of faith

Of course, there is a turn towards soft-skills evaluation during the hiring procedure by tech organizations but let's be honest, all this is definitely a leap of faith still since we mostly rely on our gut feeling.

Unfortunately, this leap of faith is the main reason why many new hires tend to quit or even get fired in the first 3-6 months.

Why? Because they don't blend well with their team.

# Our teammates' evaluation

Peers and subordinates are the first to judge newcomers' personalities and actual skillset on the battlefield.

They work together right from the very start so if they spot collaboration and communication flaws they are the very first who will pay attention and will raise a flag.

All this, way before the line manager grasps the mismatch.

Our team is our actual boss.

# Conclusion

We should realize that our teammates know better than anyone our actual impact in the team.

If we want to thrive we should focus on our team's goals, our teammates' needs and the way we collaborate with them.

No one wants to work with brilliant jerks. Do you? I bet not. Cheers!!

Brilliant jerks are "difficult to work with" people with very strong hard skills.

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