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The other day we were at a tech conference since HelloWorld was sponsoring it. Given the opportunity, every team member of ours made a walk to visit some booths and learn more about the services various tech companies offer.

Everyone had some great things to say about 4-5 out of 40 booths and the main reason was that the people there were well-prepared, so it was fun talking to them. They could answer all sorts of questions with a smile on their face and were eager to share even more details in a follow-up email and so on. They knew how to do this job and they did it pretty well.

For the rest 35 booths, the case was not the same though. Many representatives couldn’t list even the basic services their organizations offer. Always they seemed to provide some great excuses like I am not a sales or a marketing person etc As you get the first impression was poor.

Representing an organization is huge. Training and coaching people so they can represent it properly is essential. Organizations should take this seriously else the results will be counterproductive. If we don’t take seriously the way we introduce ourselves to the world, no one will take us seriously.

People nowadays ask for more than fancy banners, cheap swag gifts, and big words. They are looking for organizations that can motivate them and take them seriously. Such organizations are the ones they can trust. Such organizations always do their homework first. Cheers!!

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