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Consulting is quite adventurous which is exactly why it feels so interesting for so many people out there. On the other hand, so many others absolutely hate it for the exact same reason. Funny but true, right?

Because of these two different approaches, I have gathered some reasons to help people reject a consulting career in a matter of seconds.

Here we go:

  • You don’t enjoy working with others, especially with non-technical people. The word "others" refers to customers representatives mostly.

  • You hate change, so you can see yourself doing the same thing or working on the same product for many years to come instead of having to learn a new skill or a new technology starting from a junior level again.

  • You hate the learning process, so you prefer relying on the same things you learned some years ago instead of having to establish a studying pattern again and master something new.

  • You don't care about the impact of your work when it comes to the customer's success. You believe that your job is all about writing code or designing mockups. This is your universe. If these affect positively the conversion rate in your customer's platform, is definitely not your business.

  • You have doubts about your actual experience or you believe you have limited knowledge in the sector, so you want to avoid awkward situations especially in front of customers representatives who might embarrass you.

  • You are a lousy writer, so you want others to do all the preparation and the communication for you, prepare specs, write stories, provide design documents, deliver wireframes and when the time comes and everything is decided and finalized, then you can do your part.

  • You are a poor communicator, so you don’t want to talk and give advice. You prefer executing what others are telling you than having to come up with proposals and solutions on your own.

Of course there are so many people who are great writers or communicators and love to propose new ideas and solutions and simply dislike consulting. That’s perfect and makes huge sense since it is a matter of preference.

Let's be honest though, if you relate with some of them, then consulting is probably a direction you should avoid taking in your career for your own well-being, which is also fine.

In my opinion though, people who possess these skills are doomed to have an outstanding career even if it is not in the consulting sector.

The reason I believe so is that these are mostly soft skills and such skills are highly appreciated in the market nowadays. Cheers!!

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