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As most of you already know, I quit my daily job in order to start my own business. If you haven't heard of it, now you know 😃

This will be a software house named HelloWorld PC. Our mission is to solve real life problems and provide appealing and smart solutions by taking advantage of modern web technologies.

Above all we want to deal with things that pay the bills and motivate us on a daily basis.

As you get, this is a rather hectic and exciting period for me with lots of things going on, many decisions I have to make, potential clients I have to speak, engineers I have to interview and hire, appointments I have to arrange with my accountant and sooo many more.

That said, I am trying to make small breaks every now and then, so I can take a big breath and put my thoughts together. One of the things that has stuck into my mind during the last months is the following:

What is the key ingredient for a brand new company?

I have been thinking about this for some weeks recently, and I am sure that a bunch of people out there wonder about the same thing too.

# Where do I start from?

What are the things I should define right from the very start? What are the projects I should pursue? What personalities I should try to hire? What kind of a manager I should be?

Someone could say that a new company needs customers and projects. It needs to have clients to make a profit after all, right?

Others will say, that you need to hire the right people with caution, so you can get things done as promised.

What about irrelevant things with actual engineering? You might be a proficient engineer but are you a good people manager? Can you organize projects and split the workload into deliverables? Can you sell yourself and your company that well? Can you motivate others and make them work efficiently? Can you be a leader and not a boss?

Hmmm, so it is not only about money, right? It is something way more complex. What is it then?

It is the company's culture that affects all these

# Build on solid foundations

A brand new company should be built on solid foundations. You want to build a skyscraper down the road and not a hut after all, right? We should better use solid materials and not faulty ones to accomplish this.

The right culture brings the right projects, customers and synergies. Customers need to collaborate with companies they trust and can rely on. No-one wants to work with bullshitters and that's a fact.

Don't be one, and you will be able to attract ambitious customers with high goals and build strong bonds with them down the road.

Such a culture attracts the right teammates. We all know how important are people personalities within a team.

That said, establishing the right culture is a key factor to attract great team players. Companies need brilliant team players in order to build brilliant teams after all.

Transparency and honesty are the 2 pillars for successful communication. These 2 principles will help employees hugely to grasp company's vision and goals.

People tend to be happier and more productive when they feel they are part of a bigger goal that is clearly presented to them. This goal will act as a beacon in the dark and will help them to stay focused all the way long while moving towards it.

Trust your colleagues and help them grow. The more your people grow the more your company grows too.

Such a mindset will help people to feel comfortable, make decisions and tackle obstacles with a positive thinking since they know that the firm actually trusts them and relies on them.

# Conclusion

The company's culture defines what the company is made of and what is its actual potential. The right culture attracts the right customers and the right people to collaborate with.

Avoid being a bottleneck or a micro-manager. Become a facilitator instead. Your company needs an actual leader, and the steering wheel is in your hands now. Cheers!!

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