Choosing Your Focus: Be a Bee, Not a Fly

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Choosing Your Focus: Be a Bee, Not a Fly

In a field rich with diverse offerings, both a bee and a fly find themselves surrounded by the same conditions when flying towards the same field. Yet, they choose very different paths. The fly is attracted to garbage and decay, while the bee seeks flowers, fruits, and healthy plants.

This striking difference in behavior under identical circumstances illustrates a powerful life lesson about focus and decision-making. Just as both creatures decide what to pursue in the same field, we too have the power to choose our focus in life. Do we concentrate on negatives, or do we look for opportunities to grow and create?

Ultimately, the decision to act like the bee is a choice to engage with the world constructively and positively. Despite being in the same environment as the fly, the bee manages to contribute beauty and value. This choice is a testament to the power of intention and focus.

We all have the ability to choose our path—whether to dwell on the negative or to forge ahead creating and contributing positively. Let’s choose to be like the bee, making deliberate decisions to focus on creating and nurturing, which leads to richer, more fruitful outcomes. Cheers!!

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