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A lot has been said about teams that are highly performant and the ways we can build such teams. After all, who doesn't want to run a team that can do the job and deliver value, right?

Of course, this is not something 100% related with the tech world. It applies to a great variety of professions where many people with different skills and expertise have to collaborate in order to reach their goals.

There are many factors we should take into account but the most important by far is the atoms that form such a molecule and I am referring to the people themselves.

A great team consists of people who have the right DNA and attitude towards teamwork. We are talking about people who enjoy working together, rising and falling together, making mistakes together and eventually succeeding together.

These are people who can overcome their ego and see the bigger picture ahead.

People who can can fit their "I" into the team's "We" are the ones who naturally fit into a high velocity team

This is not an easy one and definitely not something that everyone can do. Actually it is totally fine not to have the soft skills needed for such a role.

Lone riders do not have the DNA needed to be part of such a great team and this is an important reason why companies tend to evaluate way more people soft skills nowadays compared with a decade ago. Why? Because we tend to deal with more complex and difficult projects where a plethora of talents are required so a team of talented individuals is required.

A high velocity team is a team where people can and want to listen to other people opinion, share ideas with others and enjoy getting and providing feedback.

People who cannot tolerate feedback unfortunately do not fit in such teams.

Everyone loves transparency but what happens when transparency hits your door? Does it motivate you or it makes you feel that you are criticized?

Personally speaking, I 've met people who literally lost their sleep because they simply couldn't tolerate other people opinion and feedback. Everything was personal for them. Everything was about their "I". They couldn't see beyond it. They ignored the "We". They couldn't see the team's high goal. They struggled ugly in this model.

Agile is teaching us a bunch of ways so that we can stay on track, split the workload and get things done.

# Conclusion

The company's culture defines what the company is made of and what is its actual potential. The right culture attracts the right customers and the right people to collaborate with.

Avoid being a bottleneck or a micro-manager. Become a facilitator instead. Your company needs an actual leader, and the steering wheel is in your hands now. Cheers!!

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