Avoid shadowing your people

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Avoid shadowing your people

As a leader, it's important to support your team and allow them to take ownership of their work. Shadowing, or constantly monitoring and micromanaging, can hinder their growth and development, as it takes away their opportunities to problem-solve, make decisions, and learn from their mistakes.

Here are some ways to avoid shadowing and help your people grow:

  • Delegate tasks and responsibilities: Give your team members tasks that challenge them and allow them to use their skills and knowledge. Trust them to complete the task to the best of their ability and provide guidance and support when needed.

  • Encourage open communication: Encourage your team members to communicate with you about their progress, challenges, and any concerns they may have. This helps to create a supportive and collaborative environment, where your team members feel valued and heard.

  • Provide feedback and coaching: Give regular feedback to your team members on their work and performance. Offer constructive criticism, as well as positive reinforcement, to help them grow and improve.

  • Set clear expectations: Clearly define the goals, objectives, and expectations for each project or task, so that your team members understand what is expected of them.

  • Allow for learning opportunities: Provide opportunities for your team members to learn new skills, attend training and development programs, or work on new projects. This will help them grow professionally and develop new abilities.

By avoiding shadowing and implementing these practices, you can help your team members grow and develop, while also fostering a positive and supportive work environment. Cheers!!

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