The Agile police

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This is not Agile!! You have heard this phrase at least once in your tech career, right? Ok, probably way more.

# We need a list of rules to apply

For some weird reason we might believe deep inside that Agile is the law we need to apply. We have to align as if we are talking about the 10 Commandments of Moses.

So after we do so, the Agile supreme master will give us the big Agile prize that we can hang in our desk and prove our Agility to the world.

So we miss the point!!

Agile is all about adapting constantly. Obviously the same solution cannot solve every problem and challenge we might come across so expecting a list of dos and donts is totally naive

# Don't make us think

We might even disagree with the Agile manifest or the Scrum guide deep inside, so when we have the opportunity, we point out that some parts are blurry or pretty loose so there is huge room for misinterpretations.

In our mind, manifests are extremely theoretical, so simply they cannot be applied. Why? Because we desperately need strict rules to follow without having to think critically and adapt.

Once again we miss the real gist of it!!

Agile is all about thinking critically. Manifests are loose since they cannot predict any problem and possible solution. They want to teach us how to work together in order to solve difficult problems under difficult circumstances

# Let us complain

Now that we expressed our complaints, we stop. We simply wanted to show that we disagree, and we did it. No ideas, no discussion, no communication, no brainstorming.

We 've made our point clear, everyone is aware, so now we zip it. Not our problem anymore. Mission accomplished!!

Agile is all about collaborating and bringing together various people with different skills and expertises to solve challenging problems. Being negative kills any effort to improve as a team and collaborate efficiently

# Negativity kills your team

These are some examples that block Agile implementation in a team or organization.

Agile police and the negativity that comes with it, is counter-productive and kills the team's spirit and people will to adapt and learn new ways to overcome tough-to-solve problems.

Concerns and complaints that don't come with proposals and fresh ideas are useless and this is something every team needs to address.

Bringing up only problems in retrospectives without preparing proposals and ideas is like offloading some burden on the teammates shoulders. Such a mindset doesn't help.

As a team member be a solutions' facilitator and not just the problem-finder. That's the easy part

# Agile is not the law

Agile is a mindset and a culture and not the law.

Agile is all about bringing people and teams together, so we can find ways to communicate efficiently in order to solve difficult problems under difficult circumstances that keep on changing.

No law can predict changes, so expecting a list of dos and donts is totally naive. This is why all these guides are loose and not super-strict.

Agile is all about finding solutions together and turning the wheel constantly.

Agile motivates us to turn the wheel and adapt again and again.

No law can predict for how much or how long we should do this.

Agile is all about being positive and not negative.

Agile is all about being a team player and not a solo rider.

Agile is all about delivering solutions constantly based on on-going needs and feedback and not about checking a long todo list.

Agile is all about being open and easy to work with and not about being dogmatic and unable to share ideas.

Agile needs above all the will to collaborate and communicate by putting our egos aside.

The real prize that comes with Agile actually is that the team eventually will manage to overcome any given obstacle and will deliver value no matter what. That's it

That said, no police is needed to make Agile work efficiently. Cheers!!

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